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22-01-2019, 09:08
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Breast Reconstruction Through Fat Transfer Now Considered Safe Health Articles | March 1 Bo Jackson Jersey , 2014
Women who have chosen to have breast reconstruction surgery can now opt to have fat transfer with less concern for recurring cancer. This surgical option has been shown to not increase rates over a five-year period.

Women choosing to have breast reconstruction surgery often have to weigh their options. One option is to have the procedure done using fat transfer. This surgery uses fat harvested from other areas of the body to build and reconstruct the breast, often eliminating the need for an implant. While the practice was common among plastic surgeons, it was not until recently that studies proved that this was a safe option that did not increase the chances of cancer recurrence.

This procedure, which is technically called lipofilling, allows the surgeon to suction fat from the woman's body in an area like the abdomen that has an ample supply and then use her own tissue to re-form the breasts. It has been around for 30 years George Brett Jersey , and many women who are facing cancer like this option because it does not add a foreign entity to their bodies. However, doctors could not state that the procedure would not trigger new cancer development.

Why would it? In unrelated laboratory testing, studies showed that fat cells could, in fact, cause cancer cells to start to grow. Because doctors could not be sure if this would or would not happen during breast reconstruction Wholesale Kansas City Royals Jerseys , they had to proceed with caution.

So a study was performed in 2011 following 321 women who had breast reconstruction surgery because of cancer using the fat transfer technique, as well as 642 women who had no fat transfer but still had breast cancer. Two years after the initial procedure, none of the women with fat transfer had a recurrence of their cancer. The same results were true after five years. These results were published in May in the Annals of Oncology.

So, women who wish to have this procedure can proceed with a bit more confidence. Of course, further long-term studies are needed Cheap Kansas City Royals Jerseys , and this study was just a small sampling of cancer patients. Some surgeons are still warning women to be cautious, while others are fully embracing this as a viable option for those who wish to rebuild their breasts a bit more naturally. The initial findings are very promising.

Women who are interested in breast reconstruction need to begin by talking to a cosmetic surgeon to learn their option. They need to schedule the surgery at an appropriate time, as there are certain time frames after mastectomy where the body is more ready to heal from reconstructive surgery than other times. They also need to talk to their insurance providers to see what types of reconstructive surgeries are covered.

Breast reconstruction using fat transfer is just one of many options available to today's cancer patient. Always pursue every option that is available to you to ensure you are making the best possible decision for your body and your health. Cancer does not have to mean the end of your femininity. With the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you will soon be sporting curves once again, showing cancer who is in control of your life!

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Rumors about Xbox 360 consoles harmful game titles have led people today to discover methods to duplicate Xbox 360 games to challenging drive. Direct storage from the video game is feasible on Xbox hard drive or possibly a separate hard drive. Nonetheless Wholesale Royals Jerseys , the latter is much more tough and riskier.

Copy Xbox 360 games into the Xbox Hard Drive

1.) Obtain application known as “DVD2XBOX” on the Xbox 360 console. Following installation, the software should really indicate while in the Xbox dashboard underneath the “Applications”.

Football has been on the collective mind of the nation recently, which is why now is a good time to see what metaphorical value it might have for marketers. No, as a marketer you don’t go around tackling people, throwing balls Cheap Royals Jerseys , or making touchdowns, but you actually have a lot more in common with football players than you might think.

There is no one right way to win the game

After all these years of football, you’d think someone would have come up with the perfect formula for winning every game. But, while the players get stronger, the coaches get smarter Frank White Royals Jersey , and the plays get more creative, there is no one right way to win every game every time.

It’s the same way with marketing. You can use all the newest technologies, perform hours of background research, and come up with ever more exciting and unique ideas, but there is no cut and dried formula that guarantees marketers with success every time. What’s important is that after every loss Kelvin Herrera Royals Jersey , you learn what you can do better, and after every win you don’t get complacent. You always move forward with your eye on the next game.

At halftime, you can change the way you play

The great thing about football is that no matter how bleak the outlook is after the first half, there are still two more quarters of game play, exactly as much time as has already passed. And sometimes Yordano Ventura Royals Jersey , it seems like there must be something magical about these half time breaks because of how frequently teams have come back from the brink of disaster to win the game (i.e. in the playoff game between the Seahawks and the Packers).

As a marketer, you can apply the same principle to a marketing campaign when it seems to be failing. You can make adjustments in real time and see immediate results, so don’t giv. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap College Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Baseball Jerseys
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