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opened the prelude to a comprehensive transformatio
12-01-2016, 04:56
Post: #1
opened the prelude to a comprehensive transformatio
FG spikes provide primary support and grip; AG spikes spikes density and increase the contact surface, thus slowing the burden of the knee. It is cleverly designed to serve multiple purposes. After using three nail palm design really make people feel very vulnerable. Although TPU material itself has good toughness, and two studs the outside looks very thick (length of about 1.40 cm), the middle of the sinking spikes (length of about 1.04 cm) and the "keel" cheap ugg boots connected, also Preset a backward tilt angle them being smaller impact in actual combat. But everything is still to be combat-based, does not recommend the use of FG on the artificial grass. Shoes beautiful appearance, unique design coupled with an unexpected new outsole, let me once again appreciate the Adidas transformation determination. Although compared with the top section f50, f30 second top models have a certain gap, but in place of configuration, practical design, greater compatibility makes me feel that it should have reached some value. In simple terms it is the gap between the top section of the $ 600 price difference is not so great. Adidas in 2015 as a heavy push shoes, I think the new generation of f30 already have enough reasons to Shi Zhanpai players to try. Adidas released a Kangaroo leather upper with full soccer Adidas Superstar Homme shoes suit "pure leather", within the package includes: falcon, f50, and Berserker. We have already introduced commonly known as "full-K" version of the Falcon and f50, today we come up on the Berserker. In order to highlight the texture and luxury full-Kangaroo leather surface, this version of the Berserker soccer shoe uppers to remove the original application in all technologies, and the most pure black and white color show people. The following is a recent super-hot real soccer shoes - Adidas touch-type series 11pro intermediate section 11nova AG's version of "pull hate" theme color. The new color, though not suit inside f50 falcon and more coquettish, but fresh white and blue color without affectation, on foot extraordinarily temperament. And to say "price" soccer shoes, 11nova is definitely the backbone - looks good, the ugg boots clearance configuration in place, excellent performance, coupled with the accord AG outsole circumstances, I believe that my friends do not want to miss it. Materials, styling and craftsmanship are the best, and has nearly 30 years of heritage, it is the Mizuno Japanese origin Morelia (Moreira) - a lot of high-end shoes gamers final destination. With the development of modern football, it also found that the lack of local traditional shoes, appropriate to make adjustments in order to better adapt to the needs of people. 2015, Morelia into the thirties of the time, made a major decision: UGG Boots UK to lose weight, a very positive improvements, to meet the increasingly intense competition now, the players demand for more lightweight shoes. But the new version is almost no change in the shape of Morelia, which is perhaps the so-called classic. Adidas in 2015 with a whole new generation of speed-type boots adizero f50 as a flagship, opened the prelude to a comprehensive transformation. Commonly known as "Red Dragon," the new work swept the world's major stadium. Although the market has been passed two months time, but it seems that the heat did not decrease, but intensified, and even other series or other brand spokesperson are transferred f50 camp in the past, such as Walcott, MA Tower, Torres and the like. We have already served for everyone the top section of the new adizero f50 FG appreciation, static evaluation, as well UGG boots Clearance as the actual evaluation, and how to behave as a secondary top section of the adizero f30 FG it? Do you think Adidas launched the "pull hate" theme concept in 2015 pulled enough? Please take a look at this pair of "tattoo" edition adizero f50 it! Soccer shoes tattoo? Yes, that is so tide! It almost overnight suddenly run out, with this unprecedented vamp pattern, let us all stunned.
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