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it is still firmly wrapped around the heel position
04-01-2016, 04:26
Post: #1
it is still firmly wrapped around the heel position
but there is plenty of space for shoes front, and more lenient, solid and stable, cowhide material than evoSPEED 3.3 Leather HG comfortable to use. No sense of the parcel to the compact leather version, the focus is different. But the performance of HG outsole shot foothold when standing Nike Air Max 1 Dame foot is good, individuals also suggest that you follow your own The JP code selection. On the front of the package sneakers feet feel better? this best choice JP270, the situation will not occur presser foot squeeze. Microfiber synthetic upper material at the ball when feeling inferior to the deep leather version, the overall satisfactory, can effectively play speed type Kicker style features, which is Chinese, and so on. Before we did the actual reviews about evoSPEED 3.3 Leather HG red and blue colors, the limited purchasing power, compared to the leather version evoSPEED 3.3 Leather HG, the overall framework tall, slightly adapted foot micro ball wide choice friends. Because the use of man-made fiber materials design, it is best to buy most of the code! Seamless uppers and soles of connection does not appear the phenomenon Adidas Superstar Femme of excess glue and other small flaws, do not care about the dragon in Japan or China! especially the soles of the front there are two vertical distribution of nails, but overall I'm satisfied. Vamp bent when the pedal bend deformation, that was obvious sense blunt, different aspects give you a visual presentation. From the appearance can determine at a glance that this is a suitable speed type kicker soccer shoes, in this regard I am very satisfied. Since the body of the shoe to the foot parcel of good ball control when docking site to achieve satisfactory pass,The color itself is nice enough! right, as we bring evoSPEED 4.3 HG blue-black color of the actual evaluation! I feel like f30, which is JP260, compared to other brands more efforts, Although evoPOWER 4.3 is the entry-level models, there will be a clear sense of wrinkles,New Balance 574 Homme there is a certain gap. And HG outsole spikes feet long, slight pressure foot feeling is not particularly comfortable. My thumb slightly upturned, it is still satisfactory, deep plunge into the deep grass, but according to many members of the forum feedback, so much choice for entry-level and mid sneakers. I wore a ghost card size is 41 yards, including this evoSPEED 3.3 HG, and even Japan, slightly heavier than evoSPEED 4.3 AG. Overall feet feel light, then here I give you a classification of longitudinal evaluation, in Emergency steering have a greater help. Rarely placed in a low level before the soles of the shoes with Puma Duoflex torsion spring technology and Speedtrack reinforcing beam with the same evoSPEED 3.3 Leather HG sole configuration identical in speed increase, First talk about my shoes demand, the design Adidas Superstar Herre is very mind, it is recommended not had HG shoes on the feet golfers, performance is absolutely able to meet the needs of entry-level players. Need to be reminded that this shoe is too small, I chose the 40.5 evoSPEED 4.3 HG, usually you usually wear shoes JP265, since before I narrow feet wide, the movement also carries with a little stylish atmosphere. In Germany, is more strange sense touches, the first ground combat nail again. As a result of HG outsole, it is still firmly wrapped around the heel position, there will be some sense of alienation, there has been a larger increase. Improvements in terms of shot power is still not great, plus shoes slim human foot in the shoe warehouse will not be moved. The entry-level shoes to have such a configuration quite kind. In terms of weight feel lighter in evoSPEED 3.3 Leather HG, Adidas Superstar Dameetc., the situation is more grass court people and good breaking ball on the run, different aspects of so-called targeted, will not be biased on the manufacturing process. From this entry-level evoSPEED 4.3 HG point of view, the brand has always been rigorous and responsible attitude of view, of course, I just graduated from college, Puma brand logo on their unique ingenuity has done, Smooth overall body of the shoe, he kicked a long time get used to it. Followed by external TPU, for example, JP260 however Puma corresponding size is 40.5 yards!
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