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f50 tie shoelaces smaller selection to the overall
04-01-2016, 03:42
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f50 tie shoelaces smaller selection to the overall
However, in the long pass, or a little less. Upper melt film of Nike Air Max 1 Dames Comparative astringent, dribbling adhesion is better, generally control the ball very well. This is a small field of shoes needed to get the ball is maintained to control the whole game. Shoes are not the end of the design, development effort really really do not have good shoes midsole. It also did not burst shooting POWER that barefoot feeling, can only say that in order to meet the requirements of a small football field, at the expense of the development effort. Likewise, the same is true of long pass weakness, it is only suitable for small field, the field is still insufficient for some big promises. In fact, I also have a heart over the top, but unfortunately only a top purse. Top MercurialX Finale has been able to meet most of our people for the needs of the small farm, the price of 599 yuan cheaper than MercurialX Proximo Nike Air Max Classic BW Damen TF half the full cost. Of course, it also has its shortcomings, toe relatively flat, upturned thumb for a friend who will be oppressive, and no midsole design it in force and there is a great lack of long passes, not suitable 11 NPC field use. But it is undeniable that it is a pair of very nice little field shoes, lightweight, practical, cool flair. First of all, to warmly congratulate Messi led Barcelona Double Cheese 叕 into the Champions League final, Beijing June 7 morning, Macy will attack the life of a fourth Champions League title in Berlin, Germany. Brazil World Cup finals in 14 years lost and did not hit Macy's desire to win, this time "MSN" combination odds Messi and Neymar and Suarez consisting of more than 5 percent. Live in this day and age, not plum blow, it seemed out of place. For me, I'm more interested in Macy New Balance 574 Femme is still shoes, today as we review exactly what Macy's Pibe de HG version Barr10 10.1, designed for the Japanese market launch of soccer shoes. For the top players, brands often needs to customize according to their football shoes, we can according to the particularity of the shoes to determine a star's influence. And like Nike Roshe Run Damen Macy's top players such as super, brands will launch more personal and exclusive football shoes for them. The Pibe de Barr10 Adidas Messi created paragraph 17 exclusive soccer shoes. Its design inspiration also came from Messi's hometown Rosario. And this shoe is the Spanish National Derby debut, and the outcome we all know, once again beat the boss Mei Luo president, as two of this century's greatest players, C Luo and Massey's story will continue. Graffiti shoes are Macy's childhood, graffiti Rosario Nike Air Max Classic BW Heren neighborhood streets for the element. Strong personal element, though to do a high degree of recognition, however, unsatisfactory visual effects, the overall appearance of my reservations. Three stripes on both sides of shoes from the previous generation of f50 series, it can be said with Macy on a same exclusive Mirosar10 soccer shoes, Adidas Superstar Femme and with the latest series of f50 soccer shoes are completely different. Adidas gradually Macy series with f50 series apart from the establishment of their own independent series (2015 third quarter, f50 series will be canceled). By combining the two images for shoes, f50 series is a kind of speed-type shoes wide. Macy series born out of f50, shoe type is exactly the same design, good compatibility width. Many people can not control the assassin said f50 system easier to manage. Japanese consumers are still favorite HG outsole, one is Japanese venues are mostly dirt ground, but this is good soil to comparable domestic quite a lot. More outsole detail below in detail resolution. Upper Reserved victory three stripes, but also retains the fabric material --Hybridtouch patented microfiber fabric. Pull hate suite scales texture or pattern devil it does not seem suitable for Massey. Pure white and more suitable for graffiti color performance. Fabric thickness of about 4.88 mm, with the former a little difference, but better than some of the new f50 to be thick. HG version with the same level of FG version of the vamp and no difference, this law on most of the shoes are suitable. The same tongue and upper thin microfiber material, a thickness of about 2.07 mm, bold graffiti attack on the half, the upper end of the opening can better fit the feet, the Adidas logo is placed on one side. Shoelaces are significant changes in this generation places, from a proprietary light and thin f50 lightweight running shoe laces Cuyuan replaced by a similar and relatively elastic laces, which is perhaps a more personal Messi Preferences and make changes. And this is another feature laces to match the color after white and black front shoe laces to make a black and white before post processing. f50 tie shoelaces smaller selection to the overall sense of lightness, while Macy's new exclusive Cuyuan shoelace feels incongruous.
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