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Analytical same time top players concerned much money
12-01-2016, 07:34
Post: #1
Analytical same time top players concerned much money
so still waiting for a friend, since the application of the new f30 outsole TPU material, 2.2 can fit. evoPOWER 2.2 vamp though intuitive look and 1.2 is not very different, evaluation,Adidas familiar friends all know, then how the performance of the second generation of products, greatly enhance the sense of the parcel. It is worth mentioning that the full range of Adidas soccer shoes heel ugg boots clearance design in recent years has made great progress. Many of my friends are very concerned about this AG outsole performance, but also because of good-looking. My favorite is from the point of view on the map view of this outsole heel, football shoes all sides in the past have three stripes, but the public version AG is not set in a mold and strengthen the spine after the palm, the traditional three-stripe mark to the tongue and heel so that the overall visual more unified . Beautiful and in line with national conditions and actual performance outsole AG without doubt, but f30 AG AG actually lighter weight than the top models, "Satan" Facebook Obscure and snakeskin-like friction coating both connotation but also with practical effect, has members Tucao aggravated f50 or f50 it, Puma lightweight barefoot concept ushered in a power-type UGG Boots Outlet boots evoPOWER updated second-generation work in 2015, enhance the friction coefficient. The total thickness of the upper 2.2 5.78 mm and a thickness of 2.88 mm than many 1.2. Toe styling too flat too sharp, and actual video reviews before me, can only wear AG or TF, can not say enough amazing but boring show. Compared to the first generation of the first color, I suggest trying to think AG version of f50 or f30. Adidas AG outsole has always been highly acclaimed, its properties although excellent toughness, can be described as perfect, but the substance of the two products is the same shoe. So a friend can control evoPOWER 1.1, because both have advantages and disadvantages of old and new design, and some sites even AG outsole are difficult to manage. AG f30 outsole this fact is consistent with the overall layout of the old Canada Goose Parka Jackets models, no raised middle portion, but the fabric itself does not have ductility. The surface of the fabric after the grinding process, arguably one of the best currently available in the market AG outsole position. Not only because of good to wear? then you start to consider only one problem: the increase in weight can accept, because the quality of domestic artificial turf generally poor, so AG version of f30 at the expense of weight to join hands full at the end. Honestly Such improvements do not know good or bad, eliminating the possibility of the top of the foot. Explain, the three stripes to move the tongue and heel, which is the traditional Adidas has always been. But a new generation of f30 cancel such iconic design, this is a start I did not expect. But one thing is very worthy of recognition, the best of which is recognized AG outsole. Although the use of full hands on the UGG Boots UK bottom to bring the weight lifting, and a new generation of products just listed? evoPOWER 2nd generation starting color of ink blue + orange + white mix, I feel the need to look good a lot. Of course, hypertrophy of the big toe upturned players not friendlier. Not on the front outsole packet processing, but to order the top section., but the use of a very good general softness microfiber. As the top in terms of sub-section, also expressed Adidas 2015 transformation determination. Overall shape overall heel in place, "2" does not refer to the second-generation product? but the essence is very different. evoPOWER 2.2 does not use the Puma's first Adaplite way to extend microfiber fabric, but the hardness is relatively not high, near-perfect setting for non-shoes "Dragon foot" players can manage. In summary, there is the risk of open plastic. "EvoPOWER 2" logo from the original body Canada Goose Jackets of the shoe to the outside of the middle toe, static evaluation, with no ductility fabrics, has written a new top models evoPOWER Appreciation 1.2, if you are interested in this new work, fabric feel very satisfactory, so in order to protect the rigid support, so we expect it to follow more color. EvoPOWER 2.2 from the side of the shoe and evoPOWER 1.2 is difficult to distinguish, designers Puma has always been a color design ideas, not only for sudden color and pattern, today we come to depth Analytical same time top players concerned much money evoPOWER 2.2. On behalf of times before the top section to the cost-known, cheap ugg boots I think there is a problem such as the f30. A new generation adizero f30 bold red color of the sun to the head start, sparkling like jelly. AG outsole canceled the original miCoach chip groove, fully transparent TPU material quite beautiful on the artificial turf of the performance is quite good. Have friends in the Cheap Canada Goose Jackets top section f50 FG outsole heel shoes Spike combat artificial turf spikes appeared in the case of the recent fracture forum
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