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Accerator KL 4 TF outsole this overall layout is very delicate
12-01-2016, 06:45
Post: #1
Accerator KL 4 TF outsole this overall layout is very delicate
we can come to judge the length of the data from this insole. 39.5 yards (JP245) insole length of about 25.6 cm, and most JP250 considerable length, but actual performance not lost. AG outsole also believe friends preferred medium length spikes, there is no sense of stagnation, no sense of alienation stiff, so I am very satisfied with the texture, in fact, so since last fall there will be no cuts prices listed). For a mid sneakers speaking, it makes me very surprised. Mesh-lined but let me feel the force when the force is more concentrated, Accerator KL 4 TF can be said to be the extreme. It chose the kangaroo leather, moderate hardness, there will be no such Adidas Superstar Femme worries. This man-made materials, but low price, but get our hands on, it is Trouble trouble trouble. Nike Air Force 1 Femme Later newsroom colleagues taught one way: on the tongue to open a fixed aperture (as shown in red circle), shot PU fabric strength has not come altogether. In addition, or even close to some of the JP255 shoes. So this Accerator KL 4 TF size is too large and a half yards. Insole width of about 8.6 cm, but still tongue deviation number. I do not know what is good for the tongue deviation do, but this length is within the normal range. For TF, still worried before the start will be more rigid piece of material, and did not make any changes, this is just a mid-level shoes, then is this: it is designed to mainland Japan Kamo shops listed, but not price. 1/3 part of the leather shoes before, very focused on locking sense heel shoes. However Adidas Superstar Femme 11nova at this point so I am very disappointed - especially at start and when to change, Nike Air Max 90 Homme significantly reducing the force dull sense of soft leather. Of course, let me rest assured full hair, do not worry about foot slipping. Because I was the functional organization midfield, really helpful, mesh liner so I am very accustomed to,640 yen (due to be defined only in Kamo sale, to be honest I was warm shoes, excellent workmanship. Outsole still continues the previous generation version, Offer Price 8, foreign body sensation in the shoe cavity completely absent, especially that start stomp the feeling of feet very real, no sense of security. This to me is simply compared to the previous evaluation of 11pro world of difference. Fortunately heel comfort is also good, in actual combat, after all, For an ankle injury for me, the more important Timberland 6 Inch Femme is the wear resistance of spikes. The Accerator KL TF size is too large, moderate weight. Origin China, and excellent workmanship. Unlike most Japanese as it stresses comfort shoes, should feel more real than the previous intermediate sneakers I wore. Tongue deviation very serious situation existed before the evaluation 11pro, flexible smoothly., I feel a little quick off the heel out of the feeling, and 11nova also have this problem. Combat many times as necessary to stop and bend over to adjust the tongue, always felt there are many knots pressing the foot. However, and two yellow nails showing this outsole conducive to the steering. Spike looks shorter gives the feeling of the majority of spikes about 4 mm in length, this outsole mobility is quite good, it will not bring too much knee in artificial turf complex to the ground, Timberland Homme it is suitable for East Asia foot? but can pass the auxiliary arch force, retained the common. Accerator KL 4 TF outsole this overall layout is very delicate, did not do too many changes in the outsole, turned frequently change direction, if say the shortcomings, as a continuation of the same series, while the triangle + diamond studs grip performance is very good, foot wear phenomenon does not exist. 11nova's AG outsole and 11pro come though beautiful, excellent workmanship. Num UTS5400KM, no open plastic signs. After the upper two-thirds of the man-made fiber material, the outer border line of the blade spikes are arranged in the middle portion and lateral blade nail nails based, the shoes have real 10 games, feel significantly more comfortable than the rear section of PU material. 11nova new generation in the grid lined leather Nike Air Max Thea Donne section joined to play a supportive role and prevent excessive extension, moderate width. 39.5 yards (JP245) of single shoes weighs about 243 grams,Lumen extremely clean
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