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What is the cause of the blockage of the grinding wheel?
25-10-2018, 08:34
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What is the cause of the blockage of the grinding wheel?
      When the cheap metal grinding disc is used, it will cause clogging. The clogging phenomenon is divided into many types, such as embedded type, dependent type, mixed type, and adhesive tape. The blockages for each type are different:
      Embedded type: grinding the plugged state embedded in the air hole of the working surface of cheap metal grinding disc;
      Dependent type: A clogging condition in which the abrasive particles are attached to the flank face of the abrasive cutting edge by temporary force.
      Adhesive type: refers to sticking to the periphery of the abrasive cutting edge or the adhesive after the grinding is melted;
      Mixed type: a collection or layer set of the above three types in a small part;
      The type, grain size, hardness, organization, and the linear speed of cheap metal grinding disc have a great influence on the clogging. The grinding method has a great influence on the grinding of the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. The improvement of the grinding fluid is improved. Grinding performance plays an important role. Let me first talk about the abrasive and hardness of the grinding wheel.
      1. Abrasive type
      Different cheap metal grinding disc have different degrees of clogging. From the point of reducing the degree of clogging and improving the grinding effect, different workpiece materials should be selected from different abrasive materials. If the selected abrasive cannot meet the grinding ability of the workpiece material. It is easy to produce a sharp blockage, so that processing can not be carried out often.
      2. Wheel Hardness
      The hardness of cheap metal grinding disc has a greater impact on the blocker. Generally speaking. The more the grinding wheel, the larger the blocker. Hardness is selected from G-H, in some difficult materials. D-O hardness is also often used.
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