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the juice of the highly
14-07-2017, 10:27
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the juice of the highly
<p>flowers and nursery stock poisonous, is their own protection from pests and diseases, harmful to the human body, to pay special attention to not eating, not misuse. 1. Poinsettia: whole body toxic, the white milk can stimulate the skin redness. Eating stems and leaves, can cause death. 2. Narcissus: beautiful and elegant, but its head (Lin stem) contains pull Kaidin. </p>
<p>Such as eating can cause enteritis, diarrhea, vomiting. 3 million young: juice poisonous, once touched the skin, itching uncomfortable. 4. oleander: branches, leaves, pepper in the skin, the juice of the highly toxic, eating a few grams, it will cause poisoning. 6, the purification of air plants 1. Chlorophytum: the absorption of harmful chemicals in the air capacity, more </p>
<p>than the container filter, a pot of Chlorophytum 24 hours can be indoor carbon monoxide, nitrogen and other volatile harmful gases to absorb clean. 2. Milan: can absorb the atmosphere of sulfur dioxide and chlorine. 3. Cactus: its characteristics are closed during the day stomata, to prevent water evaporation. Open the pores at night, absorb carbon </p>
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