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The company is located in
09-02-2018, 16:33
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The company is located in
<P>Strengthen the floor surface inspection points
Strengthen the floor after paving, the general need to be completed within 3 working days of acceptance. The first thing to check is the appearance. Strengthen the floor surface should be clean, no glue, wet flower, drum kits, stains, off angle, cracks, scratches and other appearance quality problems. Strengthen the laying of the floor should be solid, not loose, stampede no significant abnormal sound. By walking on the floor, according to the sound to judge this.</P>
<P>After strengthening the floor pavement, you need to check the flatness. Tools used are 2m by foot (or thin rope) and steel ruler, where the steel ruler accuracy of 0.5 mm. Each space is not less than two, whichever is greater. 2m range of allowable deviation should be less than or equal to 3mm.</P>
<P>Reinforced floor mosaic height difference reflects the relative height of the two floor joints at the deviation. Proposed to use the accuracy of 0.02mm feeler check. General visual selection of the two suspected height difference between the floor slab seams, respectively, with the tool adjacent to the two adjacent slabs across the seam, with feeler inserted into the gap between the steel rule and the floor. Reinforced splicing height difference tolerance of less than or equal to 0.15mm.</P>
<P>Strengthen the floor generally do not leave gaps, if the installation is not fastened, the gap between the floor will be relatively large, which not only affects the appearance, but also easy to stain dirt. Therefore, the acceptance, the need to focus on checking the gap between the floor size. General with a precision of 0.02mm feeler check. Slit within 0.15 for the normal, but can require reloading. The gap between the floor and the wall and ground attachments can not be too large, but also need to have expansion joints. Generally available accuracy of 0.5mm steel ruler inspection. The gap needs to be between 8-12mm.</P> "different types of deck boards,thermoplastic composites wiki,wood plastic composite datasheet "
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