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30-09-2017, 03:20
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Discount golf travel bags can be real discounts or false ones. When you buy a discount bag there are many possible reasons why the price has been reduced. Many golfers know a real discount from a false one , but many more are unaware of the true reason of the discounts. There are two ways to find out: be aware of the possible reasons and ask why the price is lower.

Travel Bag V1 must be sold off Before offering Travel Bag V2

When a company introduces a new line of product, it has to do something with all the stock of the old. Few people are going to buy V1 if V2 is on the shelves. What they do is to factor a discount into the original price of V1, so that when V2 is due, the first version can be sold off cheaper to get them out of stock and off the shelves. There is nothing wrong with these travel bags, and perhaps the change is minor, but they have to be sold at a discount to move them.

The manufacturer gives the seller permission to sell at below the recommended retail price. Sometimes the golf shop has no room to stock V1 and V2, so they themselves will promote the discount , and even provide a further price reduction to that funded by the maker. This is when you can really strike gold!

There are Many Reasons for a Discount

However, there are many other reasons for a discount. The cheap offer could be for a cheap product and the so-called discount not a discount at all. The product is being sold at the price it is worth. You are purchasing a cheap bag case and getting just what you paid for.

The discount could be fire damaged or damaged in transit. Fire damage is uncommon, but damage in transit is not. Check a discount on individual items, while others are being sold at the correct price, very careful for damage. Sometimes the damage is minor, and doesn't affect the product, but if it affects the integrity or strength of the travel bag , don't buy it. Your travel bag should be as strong as possible and any dents or tears are not worth the chance.

Sometimes you will be offered a discount on what appears to be a really good bargain. A Nike travel bag at $100! Wow that's really something, so you jump at it. A few weeks later it starts to fall apart and you find from someone that it is probably not Nike all. A lot of false logos are being sold out there, and you have to be careful. If you buy from any shop or market other than a good well known golf or sports store, be very careful about what you are buying.

If Unsure Ask the Seller Why the Discount?

Ask the retailer why the travel bags are so cheap. Why are they discounted or are they not really the right thing. Ask if they are spoiled or if they are cheap imports. Base your purchasing decision on the answer you get, or on how you judge the honesty of the answer.

There are a lot of imports coming in from the Far East that are copies of well know brands. Frequently they also have what appear to be the correct logos, but there may be slight differences. Some are not even that but outright copies, but they do not have the same quality as the genuine goods.

Discount travel bags for golf are not always what they appear to be. There are many kinds of discount , and if you are not buying from a recognized good golf shop, be very careful.
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For more discount golf travel bags information, visit GolfTravelBagTips today!

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For any business, training new employees can be the most difficult part of expanding and hiring. Not only does this require time and resources, but recently hired professionals have to be at the same level to enter workflow, making highly skilled trainers necessary. Without having the knowledgeable staff on hand to lead the training, a business could become stagnant or fall apart entirely.

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