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Review cs_summit first day:Nip are falling down?
21-04-2017, 08:07
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Review cs_summit first day:Nip are falling down?
Cs_summit the first day of the game has come to an end, let us come together to review the first day of the game it
The following are the same as the "
The game performed a total of four bo3, of which only NIP and Liquid played the whole 3 games. cs go Coin Flip Skins And this "villa cup" the whole atmosphere is also very easy, professional players are also a variety of guest commentary.


The two maps of the game for the cache and mirage, in the first map of the game,cs go Emfehlungscodes Seiten the beginning of the two sides still have to come back, but today's TACO performance is quite good (TACO: I heard you want to replace me! Frequently for the team lighting line, but also made a 3AWP system, in one fell swoop EnVyUs into the collapse, and ultimately by 3 big spoof cheek EnVyUs no longer mention no effort, headshot scream is the opposite shot Kuangzhao head, the second map is to get a poor 3 points. The final SK to cache 16: 9 and mirage 16: 3 large score rolling EnVyUs.


The two maps of the game for the cache and cbb, in the first game on the map, gambit with elegant hair "flower beauty" pre-dominant. But in desperate, Goblin stood out, in the Hall A position a sand eagle completed a 1V5 ACE. 700 pieces of sand eagle in his hands seem more powerful than the 4750 AWP, and take advantage of the game dragged into overtime, but with the extra time Gambit players mou's AWP roar sounded, again godsent comeback dream hit Smash, and the second map seems to be like EnVyUs situation, a wave of defeat completely fell into the bottom, the final Gambit to cache 19:15 and cbb 16: 5 victory over GODSENT.


The two maps of the game for the cbb and mirage, in the first map on the offensive side of the C9 is like a broken dragon spear, direct cut off the OG vulnerable defensive front, and in the two maps Incarnation of the five walking chicken OG, only to cbb 16: 9 and mirage 16: 6 score fiasco C9.

NIP VS. Liquid

This is the only team playing three charts today, the map were NUKE, INFERNO, cbb. The Liquid team twist play quite dazzling, all kinds of magic pull gun spike for Liquid and then this fierce battle on the initiative, win this "faith team" NIP. The final score is Liquid to NUIP 16:10 and cbb 16: 3 win NIP. While NIP relies on perfect communication and tie in inferno to beat Liquid with a big score of 16: 7.
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