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Resin grinding wheel cleaning method and installation
05-01-2019, 07:31
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Resin grinding wheel cleaning method and installation
cleaning method
In the production process, the diamond grinding wheel is used to polish the belt. Generally, the durable cutting off wheel should be unloaded for 5-7 days. (The above-mentioned rubber crumbs are polished and adhered to the surface of the corundum after high-temperature friction, which is difficult to clean)
Now we soak it in acetone for 2 hours, then clean it with an imported cleaning agent. The effect is very good, but it is not environmentally friendly and does not save energy.
Cleaning requirements:
1, to be environmentally friendly, does not contain ketones, cannot be halogenated hydrocarbons.
2, can not damage the diamond wheel
Installation needs
The grinding wheel must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to check the authentication are:
1. Check if the grade of the grinding wheel is correct and meet the performance, shape, and size of all selected grinding wheels.
2. Check and identify the appearance of the grinding wheel. Use your eyes to see if the wheel is damaged (or has cracks). A grinding wheel with a damaged appearance (or a crack) cannot be used. In addition, it is required that the ends of the grinding wheel are flat and there must be no obvious skew.
3. Inspect and identify the internal crack of the high performance cutting disc. With a hand-held grinding wheel, tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer to hear the sound. The cracked wheel gives a crisp sound, and the cracked grinding wheel is hoarse, which cannot be used.
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