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Points for attention when using grinding wheels
17-10-2018, 10:30
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Points for attention when using grinding wheels
We are not familiar with grinding wheels. They are also called consolidation abrasives. It is generally composed of abrasives, binders, and blowholes. These three parts are often referred to as the three elements of the consolidation grinder. When we use the fast 9'' grinding wheel, the following are matters needing attention.

1.front operation problem. In daily use, many operators are accustomed to operating toward the grinding wheel, because this direction can be used, in fact, this behavior should be particularly prohibited in the operation of the grinding wheel. According to the operation rules, when grinding the workpiece with a grinding wheel machine, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel, not on the front of the grinding wheel to operate, so as to avoid grinding wheel fault flying out of injury.

2.common operation problems. In the actual daily operation, there are also such cases, some people in order to catch up with production tasks, rush to work time, two people share a grinding wheel at the same time, this is a serious violation of the operation, should be strictly prohibited.

3.side grinding problem. According to the rules, the fast 9'' grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as working face is not suitable for side grinding. The radial strength of this kind of grinding wheel is larger, and the axial strength is very small. If the operator exerts too much force, the grinding wheel will break, even injure people.

4. forced operation. In the use of the grinding wheel machine, some operators, especially young operators, in order to grind faster, too much force, this is a very unsafe operation behavior. The flatness of any grinding wheel has a certain strength, so it is likely to cause the grinding wheel to break, or even fly out of injuries, is also a prohibited behavior.
We must be very careful when we use the fast 9'' grinding wheel. Today we mainly talk about how to pay attention to grinding wheels. The quality of grinding wheels manufactured in our factory is guaranteed. If you look at the above points and use them properly, the service life of our grinding wheels will be prolonged.
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