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How to reduce the wear of the grinding ring of ultrafine mill
10-08-2018, 04:45
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How to reduce the wear of the grinding ring of ultrafine mill
Ultra-fine mill grinding rings and grinding rolls are parts of the grinding machine that are relatively easy to wear. These two parts are usually in direct contact with the hard ore. This will bring economic losses to users. Of course, ultrafine mill accessories can not avoid component wear, but we can take two protective measures to reduce the wear rate. The following is a brief analysis of some of the causes of wear on fittings. Tell you how to reduce the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring.
Regular replacement of ultra-fine mill equipment parts will bring economic losses to users. Moreover, if it is not replaced, the production requirements cannot be met. This brings endless troubles to the user. Now, I will introduce two factors and methods to slow the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring.
Hardness material
If the treated material is very hard, this will inevitably exacerbate the "wear rate" of the abrasive parts and cause the equipment to scrap some parts in advance. In the production process, the user should refer to the instructions and select the appropriate materials to ensure a reasonable working environment.
Non-abrasive impurities in the material
If the material contains two more difficult impurities, the ultra-fine mill can't grind them, so they can continue to grind in the mill, which will accelerate the grinding speed of the wear parts.
Ultra-fine grinding machine wearing parts
Material properties are important, but the material texture of the abrasive is also critical. Grinding rings and grinding rolls must use relatively high quality steel. The wear rate of inferior steel parts is very fast, and perhaps the user needs to replace it after 1-2 months. This will result in a financial loss for the user. Manganese steel is a suitable material for creating grinding and grinding rings. Due to their special properties, they can increase the use time of equipment.
The above is the main factor affecting the wear rate of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. In the production process, if you do not pay attention to these aspects, I believe it will greatly extend the life of the grinder and reduce the frequency of replacement of consumables. After comparison, it will directly bring economic benefits to users.
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