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How to effectively reduce the sudden accident of the cone crusher
11-10-2018, 04:49
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How to effectively reduce the sudden accident of the cone crusher
As a new type of mine crusher equipment, cone crusher has been widely used in many industries due to its high efficiency, uniform and high quality crushed finished materials and stable running performance. Today, we will introduce three major measures to effectively reduce the failure of the cone crusher:
1. Do a good job of temperature control management. In normal operation, the Working of stone crusher has a normal operating temperature range for each component. If the temperature of a component is abnormal, it is likely to cause damage to the relevant component. Especially for bearing parts, etc., if the temperature is too high, it must be carefully checked. Usually, the lubrication is not enough to cause the bearing to burn out.
2. Do a good job of dust prevention. Due to the special nature of the cone crusher production environment, a large amount of dust and fine particles will inevitably be generated during the working process. If the dust and dust removal faults are not done, the impact on the equipment will be very large. Especially when these dust particles enter the lubrication system, the wear of the equipment itself will be greatly accelerated, and the service life of the Gravel crusher will be affected, which will easily cause the failure of the crusher equipment. In response to such problems, we must not only do the dust-proof work of mechanical equipment in the daily production work, but also pay attention to the quality when selecting the higher-demand parts, and also choose the good quality for the lubricating oil. , varieties with less impurities.
3. Corrosion of corrosive materials should be protected. In the use of the cone crusher, due to its wide range of use, it is easy to damage the broken parts of the crusher when crushing corrosive materials such as acid and alkali. Usually such materials need to be subjected to relevant acid reduction, alkali reduction treatment or special crusher related components before being crushed. The specific situation needs to be considered and selected according to the corresponding production environment and requirements, as well as the cost of demand input.
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