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Different before and after the grinding disc is used
05-11-2018, 08:48
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Different before and after the grinding disc is used
1. Different forms of wear
     The depressed grinding disc in stock wears wear and wear in two forms. A represents wear and wear, and B and C represent broken wear discs representing the shedding of abrasive particles.
2. The cause of grinding disc wear
The depressed grinding disc in stock wear and wear. The high degree of mass in the workpiece causes mechanical wear of the abrasive particles, which is very serious when grinding certain hard-to-grind materials.
The depressed grinding disc in stock oxidation wear. Oxidation grinding in the air promotes. Grinding experiments conducted in a vacuum found that corundum grinding discs were much more difficult to grind low carbon steel than in air. This is because the convection of the air causes the grinding temperature to decrease and the oxygen in the air rapidly oxidizes the newly formed surface of the workpiece to form an oxide film, which reduces the possibility of adhesion of the abrasive. For some abrasives, the surface will be at a high temperature. Oxidation occurs, causing it to be gradually consumed, which is oxidative wear.
3.The depressed grinding disc in stock diffusion wear. When the abrasive grains are in contact with the material to be ground at a high temperature for grinding, the elements diffuse each other, causing the surface layer of the abrasive grains to be weakened to cause abrasion. The two closely contacted metal materials, under high temperature and high pressure, after a certain period of time, z will diffuse at the contact surface and the diffusion is mutual.
4.The depressed grinding disc in stock plastic wear. Under the action of high temperature grinding, the abrasive grains will also be deformed by plasticity. Plastic wear depends on the hardness of the material. When grinding, the temperature of the grinding contact zone is higher, close to the melting point of the material. If the hot hardness of the cutting layer on the shearing surface is greater than the thermal hardness of the abrasive grain contact zone, the abrasive grain contact zone will have a large plastic deformation. And wear.
5.Thermal stress fracture wear
     During the grinding process, the working surface of the abrasive grains rises to a temperature of 1000 to 2000 ° C in a few tenths of a second, and is chilled under the action of the grinding fluid. This frequency of the hot and cold cycle is the same as the speed of the depressed grinding disc in stock. The surface of the abrasive particles forms a large thermal stress under the action of alternating heat and force, causing the surface of the abrasive particles to crack or even break. The thermal stress cracking mainly depends on the thermal conductivity of the abrasive particles and the performance of the grinding coolant. For example, the smaller the thermal conductivity, the greater the temperature gradient from the surface of the grinding disc to the inside of the depressed grinding disc in stock. The greater the thermal stress, the more the abrasive particles will be impacted and cracked and broken.
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