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Home floor heating is good - harden - 08-11-2018 14:08

<p>Comfort, hygiene, and health care. The heating is very comfortable. It can make the indoor temperature uniform and give people a very comfortable feeling. It will not cause turbid air convection, improve blood composite deck staining or painting circulation and promote metabolism. Saving space and beautifying the floor heating can not only beautify the living room, but also save space and increase the space used. Efficient, energy-saving, floor heating, energy-efficient, can concentrate heat to the height of the human body's benefit, and can also be adjusted according to actual conditions, effectively saving energy. The thermal stability is very good, and the indoor temperature changes slowly even under intermittent heating conditions.</p><p> Low operating costs and low floor heating costs are low, which can greatly save electricity costs. If you want to see formaldehyde, you can see if the formaldehyde content of plastic wood blocks for floor Egypt the floor heating floor exceeds the standard. You must choose an environmentally friendly floor. Because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde is released, and the other items in the room will cause formaldehyde to be released. Will cause harm. The smaller the thickness of the floor heating floor, the greater the heat flow rate, which ensures better ventilation and heat dissipation. Look at the heat transfer floor heating floor, its thermal conductivity is good, not afraid of high temperature, even in high temperature environment, there will outdoor wall panels headboards be no fading, rough light, etc.</p>